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The merits of golfing in Ireland need little introduction but the scope and benefits of helicopter golf in Ireland, or "Heli-Golf", are not so readily known. Seasoned golfing visitors to Irish shores may feel that they have experienced every aspect of golfing in Ireland but unless you've seen what it's like to circle the golf course by air; felt what's it's like to step from the helicopter on arrival; and sampled the unique experience of making the otherwise impossible 36-hole day a reality, then it must be said that there is still an element of Irish golf to be discovered.
The great Irish links golf courses remain the same, the superb choice in terms of accommodation is constantly growing and now there is one more variation in terms of transportation to consider. And even if you use the helicopter option for just one or some of the days during your vacation, it will exponentially add to what already will be a tremendously memorable experience. Carr Golf Videos

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